Guidelines on payment for participation in the exhibition of ASCVTS2018

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1. Registration for companies on the website

To pay the registration fee for exhibition participation your company needs to be registered at Please click «Register now» in the upper right corner of the page.

Select registration of exhibition company:

You will be taken to the registration page for companies. Please fill in all fields of the registration form and press «Complete the registration». After that a letter containing the link for confirmation of registration will be sent to your email address. Please wait till the letter is received (the waiting time can reach up to 20 min, if you didn’t receive the letter, please look in the «Spam folder»). Please click the link to confirm registration.

2. Registration fee payment for participation in the exhibition

An exhibitor can order a standard booth paying 1 500 USD per 1 square meter of the area and paying a compulsory registration fee 500 USD.

For more details about conditions of participation in the exhibition, please visit «Exhibition» part.

After signing in on the website please go to the company’s profile, clicking «MY PROFILE» in the upper right corner of the page to pay the registration fee.

Select «Payment for participation in the exhibition» in your profile.

You’ll be taken to the online-store, where you will be able to choose standard booth equipment and additional equipment and services.

To choose equipment please click «+» button next to each option. You can choose necessary quantity clicking «+» or «-».

Then click «add to my order» to add to cart.

The cart is to be found at the bottom right. When ordering for the 1st time, the registration fee (500 $) is added to the cart by default.

After all necessary options are chosen, please press «Complete the order».

Then check the company data and press «Next step».

At this point the type of payer and method of payment are to be chosen.

Please choose one option in the «Payer Type» field («Company with Russian residence» or «Company with residence outside of Russia»).

Select the payment method in the «Payment Options» field.

You may choose between 2 modes of payment:

a) Bank transfer – you’ll be requested to enter data in a web-form to issue an Invoice.
b) Payment by a credit card.

Please note: this payment mode is applicable only to the orders not exceeding the total of 100 thousand RUB or about 1800 USD, depending on the USD exchange rate.

Payment is made via the authorization server of the Processing Center of «Tinkoff Bank» (hereinafter - Bank) using Bank cards of the following payment systems:

VISA International
MasterCard World Wide

For more details on the payment procedure by credit cards please visit /registration/payment/ page (Main menu – Registration - Descriptions of the credit card payment process).

Please note that the amount payable is quoted in Roubles in the interface of the payment gateway of the Bank. The payment currency is converted into Roubles at an exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia.
Write-off of the sum is carried out in Roubles.

After the payment mode is chosen, press next step.

Please check the order, payment mode and the payer information and press Confirm the order.

At this last point the order is completed. You’ll see your order and the total sum for payment. A message with your order will be sent to your email address specified during registration.

You may proceed to the order payment clicking «Continue to payment system».

- In case of bank transfer, an invoice with payment details will be issued automatically. You can save or print the invoice.

The invoice must be paid within 5 working days. Upon receipt of funds at the bank, the order status in your profile («My orders» part) will change to «paid» and you’ll receive a confirmation to your e-mail address.

- In case of payment by a credit card you will be redirected to the payment gateway of the Bank to input your card details.

For more details on the payment procedure by credit cards please visit /registration/payment/ page.

Upon successful payment of the order by a credit card, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address specified during registration (if you didn’t receive the confirmation within 15 min, please check the «Spam folder»). The status of the order in your profile will change to «paid» («My orders» part).

All orders paid, as well as pending are stored in your profile, in the «My orders» section.

If you experienced difficulties while ordering or paying, please contact the ASCVTS 2018 Organizing Committee, Moscow.

Tel.: +7(495) 4147734
Fax.: +7(495) 4147668

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