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1. General terms

1.1. The present personal data processing Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) is framed and applied by the Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons (hereinafter referred to as the Operator, Association) as required under the Federal Act from 27 July 2006 №152-FZ on Personal Data.

1.2. By agreeing to the Policy during registration the user gives consent to personal data processing.

1.3. Definitions

1.4. The aim of the present policy is to provide personal data protection and accountability for the employees who have personal data access.

1.5. Entry into force of the Policy

1.6. The policy is to be found on Association websites - , and is an integral part of the user agreement.

2. The purpose of personal data processing

2.1. The Association provides personal data collection and processing according to Russian legislation for the following purposes:

2.2. The basis for personal data processing being the following legal acts:

3. Amount of processed personal data

3.1. The Association collects and processes personal data in an automatic mode. The information includes:

3.2. Personal data of the Users is stored by Yandex.Metrica counter code on the Association website in an automatic mode. The list of stored data is as follows:

3.3. When using site services the User voluntarily transmits the following personal data in a web-form to the Association:

3.4. The Association shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the data transmitted by the User.

4. Personal data processing procedures and conditions

4.1. Personal data is processed during the time necessary for purposes fulfilment in accordance with p. 2, but not less than 5 years pursuant to the Federal Act on Accountancy № 402-FZ as of 6 December 2011 and archival legislation (Order of Ministry of Culture as of 25 August 2010 No.558 on the List of the standard business archive documents elaborated by state authorities, local state bodies and companies with the terms of retention period)

4.2. If the Consent is withdrawn, the Association shall block User’s data. At the same time the access to some site services requiring identification can be limited.

4.3. Processing Personal data obtained by the Association comprises: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, retrieval, use, deletion, blocking, transfer (dissemination, provision, access), destruction.

4.4. The User shall be granted permanent access to User Account. It is necessary to login the site to view the information.

4.5. Any change can be made by the User in regard to personal data on the site by entering login and password.

4.6. The Association shall not store users’ bank cards data. Personal data (name, surname, bank cards data, and email) shall be transmitted to third parties who provide acquiring services.

4.7. The Association is entitled to transmit personal data to agencies conducting initial inquiries and pre-trial investigations, other authorized agencies on the basis of existing legislation.

5. Personal Data Protection

5.1. Data shall be protected by means of technical and organizational measures against unauthorised access, alteration, transfer, public disclosure, deletion or destruction. The measures include:

5.2. Users’ personal data shall be stored on the server with the following physical address -Moscow, Rublevskoe shosse, 135

6. Updating, correction, deletion and destruction of data

6.1. Upon completion of the retention period (p.4.1 of the present Policy) user’s personal data can be blocked.

6.2. The Consent can be withdrawn by the User before the end of the term indicated in p. 4.1. For this purpose a request shall be sent to the administrator of the Association to the following address - . Name, Surname, email and User ID are to be indicated.

6.3. To renew the access to Association services the User can address a notification to the administrator email: When renewing access the Consent shall be made one more time.

6.4. The Association shall inform the User or representative of the User about personal data processing upon his/or her request.

7. Contact information

7.1. Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons
Address: Moscow, Rublevskoe Shosse 135
Telephone: +7(495) 414-77-34, +7(495)414-75-51

7.2. Association site administrator

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